Google Index Checker

Find out if your site is indexed in Google and which pages are indexed.

About Google Index Checker Tool

The Google Index Checker was first introduced in 2000 and it was one of the first tools to be released by Google. The tool's main purpose is to help webmasters determine how visible their websites are on search engines and to help them improve their rankings.

Are you wondering if Google has indexed your web page? Do you want to know the status of your site in Google’s index? The Google Index Checker is a free tool that lets you see how many pages from the website are indexed by the search engine.

Find out if your site is indexed by Google using our free and easy index checker. Check your page's ranking on Google with this free tool. Google Index Checker is a free tool that lets you check the indexing status of any URL. Enter the URLs you want to check and click "check now."

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the most common questions about Google Index Checker tool.

How to Use Google Index Checker Tool?

Google Index Checker can be accessed by going to and clicking on the small search bar in the top right corner of the screen. Once you have done this, you need to type in “site:” followed by your website address. For example, if your website address is, then you would type in “” into the search bar and press enter or click go.

Once you have done this, a new tab will open up with information about your site and how many times it has been indexed by Google since it was created (provided that the site has been indexed at all).

Is indexing on Google free?

It's free. Google Search Console should be used by anyone who manages a website and is concerned about getting traffic from Google. It's that important. Additionally, you may utilise Search Console to see if a certain website has been indexed.

What is indexing for SEO?

Search engines index material prior to a search in order to provide incredibly quick answers to user queries. Search engines would have to crawl through every page looking for keywords and themes, which would take a very long time.

What pages are indexed? How can I find out?

The Google Search Console makes it simple to obtain a list of the indexed pages for your site. Examining your website's indexing status using Google Search Console as follows: Select the chosen website by logging into the Google Search Console. In the menu on the left, select "Coverage."

How quickly does Google reindex a website?

Although it varies, it tends to take as little as 4 days and as long as 6 months for Google to crawl a website and give the domain authority.

Why is my website not indexed by Google?

You don't have a domain name, which is the first reason Google won't index your site. This can be the case if you're using the incorrect URL for the content or if WordPress isn't configured properly.

What is indexing a website?

The process by which a search engine adds web content to its index is known as website indexation. In order to accomplish this, search engines "crawl" webpages in search of relevant keywords, metadata, and other signals that affect how and where content is ranked. Websites that are indexed have to have an intuitive, discoverable, and understandable content approach.

How many pages are indexed on Google?

The Google Index, which has grown to 100 million gigabytes in size, according to Google, contains data on those 30 trillion pages.

How many pages does Google index a day?

"Perhaps it is not surprising that bad actors continue to attempt to influence search ranking given the hundreds of billions of sites in our index that serve billions of searches every day. In fact, we found that over 25 billion of the pages we find daily are spammy."